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Cricket is back - important update for all players

16 Jul 2020

After a very long wait, we are pleased to say that cricket is back but there are some important changes that you need to be aware of.

First of all we recommend that you read the ECB Guidelines for recreational cricket which can be found by clicking the link below:

What it means at our level is that you will need to turn up at the ground ready to play and you will need to bring your own food and drink because clubs won't be allowed to provide teas. Access to clubhouses may be restricted to the toilets and you won't be able to shower after the game but this is a small inconvenience to be able to play cricket again.

Because we weren't sure how many players would want to play cricket this year, we only entered one team in the Cherwell League on Saturdays for what is left of this season. As it has turned out, more players than we thought have said they would like to play, which is great but it does mean that we might not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to play on Saturdays every week. If you aren't selected to play, you may be asked if you would like to umpire or score and if you can do this it would be really appreciated because it makes the game better for everyone and you will benefit when you are playing.

The other option we would like players to consider is whether they would like to play on Sundays as well as or instead of Saturdays because if we have enough interest we will see if we can arrange fixtures on Sundays for the rest of the season to give everyone a game. 

The league rules will be different this season. All games will be 40 overs each, win or lose and there will be less travel than usual because the league we are in has been regionalised. Your captain will let you know about any other changes before you play but it will be very important that you follow the ECB Guidelines and observe the social distancing and hygiene rules that have been introduced. Details of the league structure for this season and playing rules can be found on the Cherwell League website We will be playing in Tier 5 B.

Finally, if you haven't told anyone that you are available to play, please do so as soon as possible and if you are playing this Saturday, good luck and enjoy it.


Kimble CC Committee