Kimble Cricket Club


Kimble Cricket Club Sunday XI v Rivets on Sun 24 Jun 2018 at 1pm
Kimble Cricket Club Lost By 4 wickets

Match report With the sun shining, Rivets returned to the scene of their last defeat on 2nd July 2017. Kimble won the toss at the second attempt as Alex would not accept my first call of “We’ll bat” with the coin still in mid-air.

Alex and Jordan set the Kimble innings off like “Casey Jones in the Cannonball express”. For younger readers, namely the Kimble team, it was a steam train. With the rate at over 10 an over, Alex saw an opportunity to umpire with his Dad Gary (we will come back to this later) and duly took the chance by playing Qasim’s rarely bowled arm ball straight into to hands of Raja at point. Alex was unlucky as had Raja been where Qasim had put him, he would have been nowhere near there. This now caused a problem for the Rivets players as we had to go and congratulate Raja for taking the catch. By the time Brad (I quote “I will not bowl today” – we will come back to this later) had walked to the wicket, most of us could not remember where we were fielding so we spread out. To the untrained eye it looked as if we had a plan for him and further more a plan for every ball we bowled as we never stayed in the same place for consecutive deliveries.

It was now that Rivets began to turn the screw, in reverse. Concerned that Kimble were not scoring quick enough, Martin pushed the ball over the boundary for a four whilst only moments before it reached him, it looked as if a dangerous single would be scored. Raja, not to be outdone, gave one of the finest impressions ever seen of the Peter Kay John Smith’s advert “Have it”. For younger viewers, namely the Kimble team, it was an advert which when first aired on TV you would not have seen on CBeebies. Raja showed why Pakistan were not in the World Cup finals by booting the ball into row Z to turn a dangerous one into a four. Ateeq, also not to be outdone, as he was captain for the day, gave four overthrows away to turn a dangerous one into a five. Gary was beginning to question whether this fielding was deliberate, as he had seen Rivets fielding before on good days and bad days. He thought it must be a good day as at least we were getting to the ball. His mind was put at ease when we started to field with our feet and not our hands.

With Father and Son now umpiring, Brad was finally out for 66. In the 2017 game he scored 65. If he increases his score by one run per year, I will be 91 when he reaches his 100. More importantly, Cat Stevens wrote a song named “Father and Son” which is available on his 1970 album Tea for the Tillerman which is rather appropriate as it was soon time for tea (not sure if it is available to download – whatever that is).

Kimble scored 261 for 6 off 35 overs. If they had hit the ball straight to the Rivets fielders instead of into the open spaces, they would have scored a lot more.

A meeting in the Rivets changing room of the players (a term loosely used) it was decided that we needed a magic start to chase down this total and therefore opened with Ali Babar. With slight of hand the chase was on. Alex soon put several players on the boundary which shows what a wise man he is as it saved time when getting the ball back from the adjoining fields. Rivets were playing each over like a game of Kimble bingo (On it own no1, All the two’s 2 2, All the fours 4, 4. Please note that there were no 3’s). Disaster then struck. Ali played the ball to Pete and called Babar for a run and Babar was run out by three yards. I have played cricket with Babar for over ten years and I have never seen him run. I will have to amend the scorebook to “Walked out”. Kimble were pleased to have removed Babar, but he was happier as he could now have a smoke.

Pete and Jordan combined to remove Ateeq and Usman. At this point they did not realise that it was Usman who had brought the chicken wings for tea. Was it an action they would live to regret as their plates may only be half full at tea without a chicken wing to be seen? One of them we later found out, is partial to chicken wings and his actions later (you will have to wait) proved the guilt he felt in removing Usman.

With Rivets closing in on the total, came the turning point of the game. Brad (I am not bowling today) bowled the ball to Steve who played it to Pete at Point. Martin set off for a run which was never there. Steve called No and Martin was stuck in the middle of the wicket with nowhere to go. He could not get in at either end. Martin then put his master plan into action. He sat down on the wicket and Brad, without knowing, ball in hand above the stumps, had a decision to make.

Martin thought this is it. I could plead my case to Brad. He thought, shall I say: Brad, you have a choice. You can keep me in and possibly increase your chances of winning or you could run me out and bring in Raja? Martin then remembered the words of the Priest at his wedding “Speak now or forever hold your peace”. Being a Sunday, Martin chose the religious option and out thought Brad who ran him out. Once again, I may have to amend the scorebook to “Sat out” as Martin was not running. This may be the first recorded “Sat out” in cricket history.

Raja went out to bat and a few overs later we required three to win with one over to go. With Brad (I am not bowling today) still bowling, Raja left the first ball and with a classical straight drive played the second ball all along the floor to mid-off where Jordan, remembering his liking for chicken wings, could not stop the ball and it went for four. The game was over. Rivets had won by four wickets

One player has played for both teams in the last two games and lost both times. We are glad to see that he took this opportunity to practice his umpiring skills for next year. One concern is that I received a text from the said player later in the evening to tell me Kimble had lost by five wickets.

A cricket team has ten wickets and if they lose six, how many do they have left. 10 –6=?

Perhaps an evening or two a week at night school may help or can anyone else umpire next year as the next game is only a year away!!!

Kimble Cricket Club Sunday XI Batting
Player Name RunsMB4s6sSRCtStRo
17w 16b 2lb 
for 6 wickets

(35.0 overs)
Alex Ross ct RAJA b QASIM 32 4
Jordan Price b QASIM 53 7 1
Bradley Rose ct STEADMAN b ATEEQ 66 4 1
Stuart Skeggs b AJBAL 2
Ali Catchpole b STEADMAN 54 6
A.N. Other Not Out  3
A.N. Other b ATEEQ 17 4
James Whitehead Not Out  6
Peter Dumbarton  
Nathan Price  
The Bear  

Rivets Bowling

Player nameOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEconomy

Rivets Batting
Player name RMB4s6sSR
1nb 8w 31b 10lb 
for 6 wickets
263 (34.2 overs)
BABAR run out ROSE 40
EXTON Not Out  16
RAJA Not Out  5

Kimble Cricket Club Sunday XI Bowling

Player NameOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEconomy
Nathan Price7.006000.008.57
James Whitehead7.003600.005.14
Peter Dumbarton7.0037218.505.29
Ali Catchpole3.002400.008.00
Bradley Rose3.2020120.006.00
Alex Ross3.0019119.006.33